Directionless Without My GPS

A Cultural Loss

I’ve never before felt the loss of a public figure. Yet over the last couple days, I’ve noticed an intermittent heaviness in my chest. I know the streets will mourn Jay-Z when he’s gone, but I remember my confusion after Nipsey Hussle’s passing. I wondered how a rapper I’d never heard of could have hadContinue reading “A Cultural Loss”

On Self-Advocacy

As I’ve been reading academic literature on second-generation immigrant identity, I’ve been thinking about  how others have interpreted my race and ethnicity, especially within educational spaces. As I do this, I’m grappling with the reality that being the daughter of Nigerian immigrants has afforded me certain privileges relative to my Black American siblings. With theContinue reading “On Self-Advocacy”

6 Self-Care Rituals

Whew! This has been a week, a month and a year. I’ve experienced a lot of loss within my greater community (most notably, two close friends lost their moms within five months of each other) in addition to the collective grief created by the pandemic and the continuous retraumatization of the Black community amidst currentContinue reading “6 Self-Care Rituals”

Supporting Your Black Friends: A Gift Guide

Sometimes people (irrespective of race, but especially white) feel like “small” things don’t matter. That’s not true. Such beliefs mean that donating to bail funds or standing on the frontlines at a protest are “important” while sending flowers to a Black friend or stranger is not. And that’s simply not true. Black people nationwide areContinue reading “Supporting Your Black Friends: A Gift Guide”

On Convenience

In my post last week, I reflected on my attempts to not feel overwhelmed by the scarcity around me. With further thought, I think scarcity may not have actually been the largest factor I was observing and experiencing. There is real scarcity now I acknowledge that is absolutely true. But I also think that whatContinue reading “On Convenience”


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